Wachid Darmawan, Ichwan Kurniawan, Akhmad Fuady Rifqiyanto


Pekalongan City is one of the batik producers in the national even international level. Besides batik
tourism, Pekalongan City also has many interesting places that need to be explored. Therefore many
hotels and culinary tours have sprung up. The obstacle faced by tourists is the number of hotels and
culinary locations which are quite difficult to detect because they are not on the Pantura line.
Responding to these problems, it is necessary to make an application that can handle these problems,
one of them is the application of location based service to introduce hotels and culinary t ours in the
city of Pekalongan based on augmented reality. In making the application using the waterfall method
used for software development. As for the collection of data using observation and interview methods.
This application can find out the destination location and the information available at its destination.
By using the application you can find out the destination location in more detail, because in the
application can know the position of the location to be located on the right or the left, so it's easier to
find the location. To develop the application to the next stage the developer can add location and user
usage engine usage. In addition to the layar to find out the level of accuracy between existing engines.
Keywords: Local base service, Hotels, Culinary tours, Augmented reality, Layar

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